The Bell Center Graduation 2017

The Bell Center held their yearly graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 21st. There were thirty-three graduates in the class of 2017. They were the stars of the show with a short performance of three preschool classics after a processional into the chapel of Canterbury United Methodist Church. The ceremony featured a welcome by The Bell Center’s Executive Director, Jeannie Colquett and a word from Abigail Corcoran, the president of The Service Guild of Birmingham. After the speakers a multi-media presentation put together by a few staff members from The Bell Center was shared. It was an amazing representation of the last school year and highlighted each of the graduates wonderfully! Please see below to watch a clip from the presentation. After the presentation it was time for the graduates to receive their diplomas from Betty Bell, the Founding Director of The Bell Center. The children were called up individually and were carried, walked or used their individual mobility devices to make it across to Betty. It is always such a joy to watch the children make their way across the aisle to Betty! After all of the graduates received their diplomas, Jeannie invited everyone back to the fellowship hall at the church to take part in a small reception honoring the graduates of the Class of 2017.

The reception featured cake, lemonade, and everyone’s favorite, goldfish crackers. Families were able to visit with the families that they have met and made friends with while at The Bell Center. It was also an opportunity for them to talk to the staff who worked with their children while they were enrolled at The Bell Center in a more relaxed setting. Lots of pictures were taken, smiles were shared, and a few tears were shed during this jubilant occasion! Thanks to The Bell Center’s Youth Alliance for all of their help during the reception. They manned the cake table and lemonade bowl so that the staff had time to mingle and reminisce with the families in attendance.

Graduation always leads to reflection over the events of the past year. We hope that all of the graduates and their families will look back on their time at The Bell Center fondly and as one that was hopeful, helpful and enriching to their family. We will miss you, Class of 2017, but hope that you know we are always here for you! PLEASE keep in touch!

~Amy Fisher, Program Director

Bell Center 2017 Graduation Video