Does Your Child Need The Bell Center?

All babies develop at different rates; therefore, these interrelated skills may be mastered at different times. The milestones listed create a general indication of development. However, don’t be alarmed if your child’s development differs slightly from the indicated age ranges. Before clicking on age ranges, click the following Discipline Explanations link to better understand each area of your child’s development. If you have questions regarding this screener and/or would like more information about The Bell Center, please contact The Bell Center’s Program Director, Jane Lamb by email or phone (205) 547-1390.

Discipline Explanations

The following links contain developmental milestones by age ranges. Please print the age appropriate screener and indicate mastery of developmental objectives:

Birth – 3 months

4-7 months

8-12 months

12-24 months

24-36 months


Note: This information represents, on average, the age by which most children will accomplish the listed milestones. Children do not typically master all items in an age category until they reach the upper end of that range. Just because your child has not yet accomplished a skill within an age range does not mean they have a disorder. However, if you have answered ‘no’ to the majority of items within and age range, or continue to have concerns, it is recommended that a thorough assessment of abilities be completed. For more information about an evaluation of your child, please contact The Bell Center’s Program Director, Jane Lamb by email or phone (205)870-0081.