Bell Center 5K & Children’s Run Parent Information

The Bell Center is holding our inaugural 5K on March 16, 2024 at 8am at The Bell Center and we need your help to make it a success!

There are three things that we need from each TBC Family for this event:

  1. Please complete the BellRunner Child Info Form ASAP.
    • The information on this form will be shared with a BellRunner from our community to inspire them as they train and run/walk in honor of your child.
    • The form can be completed on our website (see link above or button below) or you can grab a paper copy from the front desk.

2. Email your favorite picture of your child to ASAP.

3. Register as OR recruit a BellRunner to run/walk and fundraise $310 in honor of your child by February 15th. This is part of your family fundraising commitment.

Register Now!

Bell Center 5K Registration & The BellRunner Program

As part of your family fundraising commitment, you are asked to either participate in OR recruit one (1) person to walk/run The Bell Center 5K and fundraise on behalf of your child in support of The Bell Center.  

As part of our commitment to you, we will recruit a BellRunner from the community to run in honor of your child as well.

Our goal is to have at least 2 runners per child (1 recruited by you, 1 recruited by TBC). 

BellRunners are asked to fundraise $100 per mile, which totals $310 for a 3.1 mile 5K race. Each BellRunner will receive an invitation to set-up a personal fundraising page via Kindful once they have registered. We also accept check or cash donations as well. Fundraising will be due on Friday, March 15th, the day before the race.

Parents or your recruited BellRunner can use the coupon code TBCFamily2024 to register at no cost. We ask that you do not share this coupon code and limit its use to one (1) BellRunner per family.

The Bell Center Children’s Run

The Children’s Run will take place at 9am in TBC’s parking lot following the end of the 5K race.

During this event, your children will cross the finish line in celebration of all their accomplishments over the year. They can participate either independently, in a walker, stroller, or even in your arms. This is not so much a “race” or “run” as much as it’s a celebration!

We highly encourage every family to participate and invite friends and family to attend!

If you are participating in The Children’s Run, please prepare for the following:

  • Look for an email on Friday, March 15th with information about what heat your child will be in.
  • Check-in with TBC staff at the front desk by 8:45am on March 16th. If you are participating in the race, please keep this call time in mind.
  • Parking will be available on the bottom deck of the OLS parking lot. Please enter the lot off Oxmoor Rd. at the entryway between OLS Church and School as the roads about TBC will be blocked off for the race. There will be signage on the street to mark the entrance!
  • Each TBC child will need one parent to accompany them during The Children’s Run.


  • What if I have more than one child attending The Bell Center?
    • Families with more than 1 child in the program should fill out a PDF or physical copy of the Child Info Form for each child.
      • Unfortunately, if you submit the online form more than once, it will overwrite your previous submission.
    • Even if you have more than 1 child in the program, you only need to have 1 BellRunner to meet your family fundraising commitment of $310.
  • What if we have lots of friends and family members who want to participate? Can they be on a team?
    • Yes! You can form teams for the race!
      • I suggest that the team captain be the first to register and create a team name. Then, each additional team member will be able to search for that team name when they register for the race.
  • Does everyone on the team have to fundraise as a BellRunner?
    • While we would love for everyone on your team to fundraise, your family fundraising commitment is just 1 BellRunner raising $310, so you can have team members that are just participating in the race.
      • You can even create your own team t-shirts, if you want! Whatever you want to do to raise that team spirit!
  • What if older siblings or young runners want to participate?
    • Children 12 years and older will need to register for the 5K as a participant.
    • If you have children ages 5-11 years old who want to run or walk along with the team, please use the coupon code youngrunner2024 for 60% off the registration fee.
    • Children 4 years and younger do not need to register for this race.
  • If during enrollment, you selected not to release your child’s photo, we ask that you consider a small exception for this event.
    • With your consent, we would like to be able to share a photo of your child with a BellRunner from our community and allow them to wear that photo during the race. We can still ask that your child’s photo not be used on fundraising posts, but we’ve found that it really helps our community BellRunner’s to connect with our mission if they can see a photo of the child they are running for.

Lastly, if you have any questions about this event or your family’s requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Elise Mayfield, Marketing & Development Coordinator. I’m happy to meet you when you’re here for therapy or you can email, BrightWheel message, or call 205-547-1278 anytime.

We’re excited about this new event and look forward to seeing you there!