The Bell Center is dedicated to maximizing the potential of children from birth to three years of age who are at risk for developmental delay.

The professional staff of The Bell Center begins the work of maximizing a child’s potential as soon as the child is evaluated using the Hawaii Early Learning Profile 0-3.  This evaluation assesses a child’s strengths and weaknesses across five developmental domains – gross motor, fine motor, expressive and receptive language, cognition and emotional/social.  And from this assessment, each member of the child’s professional transdisciplinary team develops goals in each area specific to that individual child.


"The Bell Center graduates seem to clearly benefit from the crucial early learning experiences they received. These students tend to have easier transitions to Preschool Programs as well as: increased attention/focus to task, increased understanding of one-step directions, and have prior knowledge and experience with a wider array of learning activities. In general, they seem to have better requisite skills for learning."


-- Marla Aldrich, PhD., Director of Special Education, Shelby County Schools

The Bell Center follows a transdisciplinary approach to providing early intervention services because it allows all areas of the child’s development to be targeted every time he comes to The Bell Center for a Bright Beginnings or Little Leaps class as an infant and then later as a toddler in All About Me, My Friends, Explore Every Day and Munch Bunch.  Through this frequent targeting of developmental goals comes – sometimes large and sometimes incremental – success as goals are achieved.  And as one goal is mastered, the next developmentally appropriate goal is targeted, ensuring that the child is always striving to maximize his potential.